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We are also a trophy stockist, stocking most of our catalogue in store so you can appreciate the quality of them before committing to an order.

Well Heeled is also the proud sponsor of a local football club, Spire Broadway, that have won the division 1 Sunday league and we have supplied them with their end of season trophies, which we have also done for many local clubs this year including local golf clubs, bowls clubs and football clubs amongst others.

We Specialise in


Trophies are a big business
so getting the right quality
at the right price is paramount.


We stock a wide range
of padlocks from basic
security to very high security.


Well Heeled stock a growing
range of E-cigarettes
priced competitively

Shoe Care Products

We recommend Kiwi Shoe Polish.
This famous polish has been in
use for over 100 years.

Our Extended Product List

We also stock..

Safes, Pens, Maglites, Photo frames, Trinket Boxes, Shopping Trolleys, Umbrellas, Walking sticks, Watches, Fine crystals, Tankards, Hip flasks, Wallets & purses, insoles, laces etc & Dylon clothing dyes

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